Season Four

These are wavs from season four. Notice they are in alphabetical order, not episode order. Enjoy!

  • abroller.wav "Meanwhile, I've quit the FBI and become a spokesperson for the Abroller."- Scully, Home

  • apbhat.wav "Well if it's that simple, why don't you put out an APB for someone riding a broom and wearing a tall, black hat?"- Scully, Sanguinarium

  • armaround.wav "I can put my arms around you...Both of 'em."- Mulder, Terma

  • badname.wav "You called me a bad name."- Mulder, Tunguska

  • bertthr.wav "I will be right there."- Mulder, Memento Mori

  • birdbees.wav Mulder:"How would this happen?" Scully:"Birds and the bees and monkey babies, Mulder."- Small Potatoes

  • blinkme.wav "It blinked at me."- Scully, Leonard Betts

  • blinwink.wav "Blinked or winked?"- Mulder, Leonard Betts

  • blsxpch.wav "Well pick out something black and sexy and prepare to do some funky poaching."- Mulder, Memento Mori

  • bre.wav "Naa ram ewe...NAA RAM EWE..."- Scully, Home

  • cantdoth.wav "You can't do this!"- Skinner, Zero Sum

  • catalogd.wav "So what you're saying, Agent Scully, is we're being catalogued, tagged, and inventoried?"- Skinner, Herrenvolk

  • celschiz.wav "Mulder, if you had to do without a celphone for two minutes, you'd lapse into catatonic schizophrenia."- Scully, Home

  • chinaptn.wav "Scully, should we be picking out China patterns or what?"- Mulder, Small Potatoes

  • cnfmdeny.wav "You know what these are. Confirm or deny."- Scully, Tunguska

  • coolchn.wav "I just thought it was a pretty cool keychain."- Mulder, Max

  • diddesk.wav "All this because I didn't get you a desk?"- Mulder, Never Again

  • diecancr.wav CSM is in denial when Jeremiah Smith informs him of his health condition.- Herrenvolk

  • dietrlie.wav "Mulder, what are these people dying for? Is it for the truth or for the lies?"- Scully, Max

  • digshole.wav "A man digs a hole, he risks falling into it."- CSM, Zero Sum

  • doclaugh.wav "I asked the doctor that and he laughed at me."- Scully, Unrequited

  • dogthank.wav "Dog years...thank you."- Scully, Tempus Fugit

  • dotfacts.wav "Mulder, if you want to connect the dots here, you should look at the facts."- Scully, Sanguinarium

  • drnkdrve.wav "Now you see what happens when you drink and drive?"- Mulder, Synchrony

  • elboroom.wav "I could use a bit more elbow room."- Scully, Home

  • evbeaut.wav "Everybody wants to be beautiful, Scully."- Mulder, Sanguinarium

  • evilasev.wav "Evil returns as evil."- Mulder, The Field Where I Died

  • fargo.wav "What I'm worried about is you, Mulder. How far you will go, and how far I can follow you."- Scully, Tunguska

  • fbi_fbi.wav "FBI. Effff, beeee, eyyyye."- Eddie Van Blundht, Small Potatoes

  • flukeman.wav "Well, maybe that Flukeman thing, I could have lived without that just fine."- Scully, The Field Where I Died

  • forreal.wav "For real?"- Mulder, Home

  • foxbro.wav "It's me, Fox, your brother."- Mulder, Herrenvolk

  • foxhome.wav "My name is Fox and I'm gonna take you home."- Mulder, Paper Hearts

  • gdjbsc.wav "You did a good job, Scully. You should be proud."- Mulder, Leonard Betts
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