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Welcome to my Gillian Anderson page! This is where you can find the Gillian pics! *ATTENTION* It's been forever since I've checked up on this page. Apparently a few people drop by occasionally.

**UPDATE** Surprisingly, this page has won an award. I haven't even put up any thumbnails like I promised to do so long time ago. Oh well! *g* Check it out at the bottom of the page...

profile.gif: Nice profile of Gillian. I believe this shot was taken from "The Turning".
toast.jpg: Gillian and an interviewer(?)
veil.jpg: Hmm...iiinteresstink...
comfy.jpg: Gillian looking rather comfortable on her couch. Great pic!
bw2.jpg: Ooh! This one's HOT!
close.jpg: Grrrreat pic! One of my fave GA pics...
beauty.jpg: Whatta beauty!
bed.jpg: Gillian looking all fancy on a bed.
chin.jpg: Nice pic!
blkdress1.jpg: Woah, she's looking riiight at *you*. ;)
candid.jpg: Uh, hi there...
cap.jpg: Gillian wearing her cap and glasses.
dark.jpg: Cool.
gold2.jpg: Excellent pic!
dj1.jpg: Gillian DJing for some radion station.
dj2.jpg: She sure does like doing this...
glasses.jpg: Gillian wearing glasses.
esquire.jpg: Gillian in Esquire magazine. Hmm...

incar.jpg.: Gillian taking the wheel!
laidback.jpg: Here she is posing for Melody Maker.
stage.jpg: Gillian at the FOX studios,
set1.jpg: Taking a break between shots...
look.jpg: Another cool pic!
mood.jpg: A moody type o' pic.
nyc.jpg: I like this pic. Gillian in New York City?
script.jpg: Happy pic! Happy! Happy! Happy! <slap> Sorry...:)
ohno.jpg: OH NO!!! Great pic from Rolling Stone magazine.
sag3.jpg: Gillian with her *second* SAG award! You go girl!!!
recline.jpg: Wonderful pic!
pool.jpg: Gillian wearing jewelry in a pool. Verrry fancy looking.
patio.jpg: Beeeeeauuutiful!
pierced.jpg: Gillian in US magazine! Look at her belly button!
plant.jpg: Gillian in a white shirt. Yet ANOTHER one of my fave pics.
armfld.gif: Wow. 8^O
field.gif: On the a field...
sunset.gif: Gillian looking up...the sunset in the background.
glare.gif: Woah...check it out.
emmy97~2.gif: Gillian with her first Emmy win! Yay!
emmy97~5.gif: In the middle of her acceptance speech...
morticia.gif: LOL! Gillian in US magazine.
outtake.gif: I LOVE this pic!! Gillian Anderson playing Dana Scully.

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