David Duchovny!

Here's the lowdown: I created this page looooong time ago and I have not updated this place in a looooong time. Yet people still visit and look at the pics and enjoy the beauty that is David Duchovny. It's good enough for me. So, I won't be adding any new pics here for quite a while. This Summer, however, I will be working on my brand spankin', all new and improved X-Files website. It will include a gallery dedicated to David. These pics and many more will be there! Ok, I'll shut up now. You go ahead and download the hot pics that await you below.

Oh, and be careful not to drool on your keyboard.

Laugh.jpg: David laughing! Aww...
GQ.jpg: David in the GQ mag. (US)
Jeans.jpg: Oh..God...DD wearing tight jeans and...I think that's it. *drool*
Grey.jpg: Hmm... David in grey. Nice pic.
Gold.jpg: HMM...David in gold? Woah, check him out.
Leer.jpg: Mmmm...One of my fave pics.
Glasses.jpg: Interesting...:)
Bed.jpg: You must see this picture. Youmustyoumustyoumust.
Black.gif: David: Man in black...
Outdoors.gif: 8^|``````
SAG.gif: David at the SAG awards.
Smile.gif: David smiling at the camera. :)
Glasses.gif: Oh...how I would *love* to be those glasses...
Cigar.jpg: David with a cigar in his mouth?! That's a nasty habit...
EW.jpg: David in the special collector's issue of Entertainment Weekly.
Cold.jpg: Makes you want to hug him...poor baby...
Lookside.jpg: David wearing a jacket. *Nice*!
Shades.jpg: Another pic of DD in shades.
Saks16.jpg: David posing for the Saks catalogue. Another one of my faves!
Kilt.jpg: David in a kilt. 'Nuff said.
US.jpg: CLOSE UP! David Duchovny in US magazine.
ET2.gif: ::swoon:: Who can possibly NOT like this man?
Leather.gif: David in a leather jacket!!
SNL.gif: And we're LIIIIIVE from New York!
DDonBW.gif: David being interviewed by Barbara Walters.
Letter1.gif: David on Letterman!
Letter4.gif: David on Letterman again! He's clean-shaven this time...
Letter5.gif: I think I've died and gone to heaven...
Emmy97.gif: David at the Emmy awards!
GQ.jpg: David in GQ again...Man of the YEAR bay-bee!!
Lkbk.jpg: Nice big picture of David...
Smile.jpg: Very cute pic of David.
Counter.gif: Alone at the counter...or is he?
Offcentr.gif: He looks a bit off center in this shot, but still looks fine...
Tux.gif: He's in a white tuxedo (NOT that couch suit!!) and the top buttons of his shirt are undone and ohhh.... ::melts::
Whitebg.gif: DD having fun playing Fox Mulder.
Wink.gif: David's winking at you...


Wasn't that great? If there's anything wrong with a link or pic, contact me!

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